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Organic soap

This product has been produced in both Naxeng and Phonxai villages. They began to produce soaps from 2010. They make various kinds of soap such as mangosteen, aloe, tamarind, honey and anshan. The soaps have delightful scent and good for your body. Besides, there are many shapes, including heart-shaped soaps. You can choose your favorite ingredients for original soaps in various shapes!


Organic shampoo and conditioner

Naxeng and Phonxai villagers produce beauty products such as shampoo and conditioner. Their products are all organic and do not include any chemicals. Shampoo’s ingredients in Naxeng village are lime, blue spa and mulberry. In Phonxai village, they use Anshan, two kinds of wild leaves, aloe, honey and avocado. Most of these plants grow in their own villages and make one’s hair smooth. ODOP project supports both producers with packaging as well. They now have new packages designed by Tama Art University in Japan.

Produced at Kaysonephomvihan District, Savannakhet Province

Black Rice / 黒米

Little Frog Organic Sticky Black Rice was selected from local glutinous black rice varieties by The Thasano Crops Research and Seed Multiplication Center.Production process is 100% natural with the use of frog to control insects and use organic fertilizer instead of chemical inputs. Then, the rice was milled as unpolished rice to maintain its nutrition. Consumers of the Little Frog organic Sticky Black Rice are guaranteed to have healthy food.

Produced at Champhone District, Savannakhet Province

Rattan Shoot / 籐の芽

Rattan is normally famous of material of eco handicraft products. But in Laos rattan is also famous and popular food. In the result of trainings and pressure machine, we developed Bottled Rattan Shoot with 3 month expiration date to export for Lao people in the other countries. It's mild bitter taste and foreigner also likes to eat it.

Produced at Laohuakham village, Champhone District, Savannakhet Province

Cultured Honey

This cultured honey is made by Western honeybee with various flowers of nature in Savannakhet. And beekeeping is rare in Laos. This honey is good for beauty and health. If you put this honey to coffee or tea, the taste would be amazing.

Ancient Salt / 古代のお塩

The salt is produced by a producer in Savannakhet Province, Lao PDR by boring ancient salt water from 120m depth underground and drying under the sunshine. This precious and unique natural salt contains variety of mineral and no chemical. It may make the taste of your cooking different.

Produced at Dongnakhoi Village, Champhone District,  Savannakhet Province

Beef Jerky (Sin Savan) / ビーフジャーキー

Beef jerky is called “Sin (=Beef) Savanh (=Savannakhet) ” in Lao language, and it is one of the most famous and proud products from Savannakhet to Whole Laos. ODOP improved it to have various tastes such as Lemongrass and Pepper. And to keep the quality longer and to become souvenir, the packing gets vacuumed. Please buy and eat the taste of Savannakhet.

Rice Flour Bread / 米粉パン

Because of French colonization in the past, Laos has culture to eat French bread. On the other hand, Laos also has culture to eat rice like Japan. Now this project is trying to improve French bread and to develop other kinds of bread with rice flour by trainings of Japanese Rice flour bread expert. To form technology transfer of past, Oct 2011 Savannakhet Technical and Vocational School and ODOP project decided to open new course named bakery business course, and the students will manage ODOP bakery. Savannakhet will be called “delicious bread town ” soon.

Aloe Vera Drink / 健康飲料アロエジュース

Aloe is well-known as a healthful plant. With the support form an OTOP aloe drink producer in Thailand, the project developed aloe drink as a new local healthful product!. Aloe has a power of healing properties and helping curing illness such as laxative, sterilization and toxin neutralization. Two water manufacturing factories in Savannakhet Provinces are producing this innovative product in Laos. With the enthusiastic effort, the producers improved the taste for people to drink deliciously.

Produced at Phonsim Village, Kaysone Phomvihan District, Savannakhet Province

Pottery / 陶器

Our pottery products are made of clay in the village which has very good quality and beautiful color after burn. On land kiln, new technology and new design has been merged with local wisdom to improve of product quality. Thus, Phu Tai culture will be present in every piece of our work.

Produce at Phakaya Village, Atsaphone District, Savannakhet

Jose Stick / 線香

This Nok-Kok Brand handmade joss stick is produced by the female group members of Non-Kok Village, Champhone District, Savannakhet Province. The product uses local materials around the village and 100 % natural. No chemical materials are used. Joss stick is a heart of the life in the Buddhism Lao Society. People use this natural joss stick to make merit.

Produced at Nokkok Village, Champhone District, Savannakhet Province

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